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How Private Peck

Put Down the Rebellion

Item BK1002

By George W. Peck

Editing and Foreword By Don Allison

"How Private Peck Put Down the Rebellion" is a veteran's humorous but heartfelt look at life as a Civil War soldier. Forgotten for generations, George W. Peck was a famous speaker and author in the late 1800s. Although a work of fiction, filled with exaggerated circumstances born of a comedian's mind, the theme of this book rings true with the insight of a veteran. "I enlisted for the bounty," Peck wrote of his decision to serve. "I thought the war was nearly over, and that the probabilities were that the regiment I had enlisted in would be ordered home before I could get to it. In fact the recruiting officer told me as much, and he said I would get my bounty, and a few months' pay, and it would be just like finding money...I would not assert that the recruiting officer lied to me, but I was the worst deceived man that ever enlisted, and if I ever meet that man, on this earth, it will go hard with him."

George Peck served with the Fourth Wisconsin Cavalry from late 1863 to 1866. He began his service as an enlisted man, but was later commissioned a second lieutenant.

Softcover ISBN 978-0-9659201-2-7

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