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Hell on Belle Isle

Diary of a Civil War POW

Item BK1001

Journal of Sgt. Jacob Osborn Coburn

Editing and narration by Don Allison

A compelling human drama of the Civil War, Hell on Belle Isle is based on the journal kept by Sgt. Jacob Osborn Coburn of the 6th Michigan Cavalry, a unit in the famed Michigan Cavalry Brigade of Gen. George Armstrong Custer. Much of Coburn's time as a captive was spent in Richmond's Belle Isle prison camp. Although not so well known as the infamous Andersonville prison, Belle Isle rivaled Andersonville in terms of the squalid conditions of neglect and starvation endured by its prisoners. Hell on Belle Isle features editing and narration by award-winning journalist Don Allison, supplemented by letters Coburn wrote before his capture detailing life and battles with the 6th Michigan Cavalry.

Softcover ISBN 978-0-9659201-0-0

192 Pages; maps and illustrations; notes and bibliography; appendix; index; biographical listings

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