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The United States is what it is today because of the sacrifices made by those who fought the battles and maintained the home front. We strive to keep their stories alive..

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Faded Banner Publications

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Located in Bryan, Ohio, Faded Banner Publications was founded in 1997. Our main thrust involves books based on journals and letters written by common soldiers in uncommon situations. We look let the Civil War soldiers tell their stories in their own words - and enhance these first-person accounts with maps, illustrations, period photographs, and expert narration based on solid research.

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We will re-issue original regimental histories and other works of the Civil War veterans themselves.


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Our new books tell the stories of early Williams County, Ohio settlers, those who helped escaped slaves to freedom through the Underground Railroad, and shed new light on Civil War events.

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Faded Banner Publications offers a special line of greeting cards featuring Civil War photos and prints from our own collection. From serious to humorous, birthday to anniversary to Christmas, our cards are extremely popular with both senders and receivers.

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We believe the stories of those who experienced the Civil War deserve to be told and remembered

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