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New: Almost Award Winning Christmas Carols.

‣ Christmas card 10-packs with envelopes

‣ Classic images on post cards

‣ Civil War army report forms (reproductions)

‣ Original Confederate bond receipts

‣ Framed and matted Civil War prints

‣ Personalized Civil War themed cards

‣ Greeting cards with your business name, logo

‣ Reproduction Civil War patriotic envelopes

‣ Greeting cards for all occasions

We offer a special line of greeting cards featuring Civil War photos and prints from our own collection. From serious to humorous, birthday to anniversary to Christmas, our cards are extremely popular with both senders and receivers.


Our local history books focus on Northwest Ohio, especially Williams County, and the area's ties to the Underground Railroad.


Through books, prints, greeting cards, as well as special reproductions geared toward living historians, Faded Banner Publications illuminates America's history.

‣  Books 

Future Faded Banner Publication offerings will include histories of Civil War regiments and other small units, and reprints of long-overlooked older works on the Civil War.

Faded Banner Publications offers a wide array of products for anyone interested in the Civil War and reenacting the period.

In addition to books and greeting cards, we also provide Living Historians with reproductions of Civil War Army forms to lend another aspect of authenticity to a camp setting. Too, we offer a wonderfully recreated Civil war soldier's pocket book of prayers and scriptures.

We cater to those with an interest in the Civil War.

We work to keep the past alive.


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 Our main thrust involves books based on journals and letters written by common soldiers in uncommon situations. Faded Banner's volumes let the Civil War soldiers tell their stories in their own words - and enhance these first-person accounts with maps, illustrations, period photographs, and expert narration.

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